Monday, December 20, 2010

What's keeping CEO's up at night?

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     IBM conducted research where they interviewed, face-to-face, 1,500 CEO's from across the Globe asking them several tough questions. The one common theme that was encountered about the ever changing landscape of business was that a good majority of CEO's felt ill-equipped to deal with the change and complexity of their markets and consumers.Three distinct insights arouse from this published report.

  1. Embody creative leadership: Creativity is King among Leadership characteristics. Companies and businesses are having to evolve at a rapid pace these days. Consumers have more options and information then anytime in history. Leaders have to be able to move and make decisions based on the here and now. Not necessarily what will be happening next quarter. With the advent and success of Social Media, Leaders have to go with "Trends" more then hard facts. This calls for a Leader who can and is comfortable pulling the trigger before all data is received to capitalize on the moment.  
  2. Reinvent Customer relationships: As mentioned, Social Media is quickly becoming the player in how businesses conduct marketing campaigns and interact with consumers.( If your unsure as to your need of social media read this.) The traditional methods of  telling customers what they want are going by the wayside. With all the information available to them, consumers now have the power and your company better know how to tap into it. 
  3. Build Operational Dexterity:  Simplified means your big picture better be flexible. Don't assume every Friday night, Sally will be at the dance. Cause one Friday night you will show up ready to go and she will be off with the competition. Why? You ask sadly, because the competition's plans where much more flexible and where able to give Sally what she wanted, when she wanted it.
If you would like to compare your answers to the 1,500 Global CEO's click Here
(To download the report mentioned in this article go to Request IBM report.)


    Russ Moon said...

    Creativity isn't as much about creating as it is about having more options available to choose from based on preparing skill-wise ahead of the need by Trendreading.

    Flexibility - every day is one big controlled and sometimes not controlled "flex".

    Greg Farley said...

    Thank you for your comment Russ, it is much appreciated it adds so much to the article. Your point of creating is very valid. I believe that most companies are looking for Leaders who can create new lines of product and channels for the consumers. And as you mentioned, flexible enough to go with the demand and speed of the Social media age.

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