Tuesday, January 4, 2011

3 Words

  This was the Hashtag that I saw on Twitter this morning. So, I looked it up and saw that a lot of people where posting links to their posts about the 3 words that they were embracing for the New Year and why. I didn't have time this morning to post this. So, here it goes

My 3 words for the New Year are: Create, Mentor and empower.
  • Create: I am creating new ideas, friends and Network connections everyday. Since December 14th, when I created this blog, I have meet so many amazing people. Such as:
    • Dan Rockwell, http://leadershipfreak.wordpress.com Dan has encouraged, mentored and coached me from the first day that I meet him. I have never met Dan in person. I can tell that he has a passion for people and wanting to make them better. He has, in a short time, already made me a better person and blogger. I still have a lot of work to do, but, thanks to Dan, I'm well on my way.
    • Becky Robinson, http://www.weavinginfluence.com/  Becky, just like Dan has embraced me into her network and introduced me to some amazing people. She has a heart of gold and has given me a lot of advice in regards to blogging. 
    • Kevin Eikenberry, http://blog.kevineikenberry.com/ Kevin, like the other two has opened up his vast stores of knowledge and network to me. He has offered recommendations that have already paid off. Be sure to get his new book, "Bud to Boss" which he co-authored with Guy Harris, coming out February 15th, it will be one of the top sellers of the year. 
    • Dan McCarthy, at Great Leadership, He picked my article Puzzle pieces to be in his monthly news letter. Just a mention of my article on his site sent over 100 people to this blog. The thing that impressed me so, was that I have never met, nor talked to Dan. I am still very appreciative for his generosity. 
    • There are others, too many to mention that have played a role in my recent success. I truly appreciate all the kindness shown to me, by total strangers.
  • Mentor: I want what I do here at Voices of Leadership to enable me to mentor others. Even if it's just one person that walks away from this site learning something new or a new way to think about things. Then I've been successful. Sure, it would be great to have the influence over thousands of people. I try to always remember that when much is given, there is much expected as well. I want to deliver on all that is expected by those that read this blog. I never want people feeling as if they got my "effort" I want people to know that they got my best, everyday. 
  • Empower: This goes hand in hand with being a Mentor. From my experience, when you mentor someone they come away from the interaction feeling empowered. Knowing that someone has their back and is there for them, ready to give advice is a great feeling to have.  I also know that there are those out there that read my blog that are much more knowledgeable in leadership then I am. Once again, if I can inspire and empower people to do better, then I've been successful. Hopefully, one of my post or words causes someone to give a second thought to how they are interacting or leading others.
I hope that my 3 words have given you thought on what 3 words you should grab hold of for this New Year. God willing, we will all be able to reflect on this post a year from now and see just how well we did. 

What are your 3 words? 
Please leave them in the comments section with a short description as to why you choose them. Thanks, you are appreciated. 


Kevin Eikenberry said...

Greg - thanks fr the kind words. I wish you great success as you build your voice and blog fllowing. I'll be supporting, reading, and hekping any way that I can.

Kevin :)

Leadership Freak said...

Hi Greg,

Thanks for your encouraging words. The list of people who have guided me along the way is very long. It's a pleasure to give back what has been giving to me.

Best regards and success to you,


Voices of Leadership said...

Kevin and Dan, You are very welcome. I meant everything I said. You guys are awesome and appreciated.


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