Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wash your peoples feet

True Leadership, leading with a attitude of service

Jesus was the greatest example of a servant leader that we have to follow. Jesus consistently showed his people how to lead others, by example. In the 13th Chapter of John, verses 1 through 17. Jesus gave us a great example of servant leadership. It was the night before passover, Jesus and the disciples where together to eat the last supper. No one had secured the services of a servant to wash peoples feet, which was customary for that time. The disciples realized this, but instead of figuring out who was going to wash feet, they started arguing about which of them should be considered the greatest. (Luke 22:24)

Jesus seeing a need, lead by example and took on the role of a servant to wash feet. What can we learn from this?

  • Servant leaders are motivated by serving. Jesus knew that by leading by example and playing the role of servant. He could show the disciples how serving others built a leader up, not make them lower in stature.
  • Servant leaders are secure in who they are: Jesus was secure in who he was as a leader. He wasn't driven by titles or worried about what others thought. He didn't buy into the worlds definition that a leader is above his people. By embracing the role of a servant, he added value to his disciples.
  • Servant leaders initiate action that passes on to others: The disciples seeing Jesus take the initiative gave them the example to follow. Jesus was teaching them that to be a great leader you have to take the lead and serve others. 
  • Servant leaders stay humble: Jesus example showed the disciples that there is no room for pride as a leader. His example showed them that there was no job that was, "Below" a leaders ability to do.
  • Servant leaders empower their people: By Jesus washing the disciples feet, he empowered them to do the same thing. He empowered them to serve one another and to understand the value of true leadership.
Hopefully, this gives you some food for thought when you are leading your people. The next time you have the opportunity to wash your peoples feet. Do it, it will send your followers a powerful message and empower them to serve one another as well. 

What are some ways that you can serve, your people, that sends a powerful message?


Bret said...

I am a huge fan of servant leadership. Leaders should always be asking "how can I help?" It's not about you, its about them. Make it about you, and you limit what you can accomplish. Good stuff.

Voices of Leadership said...

Thank you so much for your comment. You were right on point when you said, "Make it about you, and you limit what you can accomplish" I know that servant leadership is something that I'm still growing into. I wish that I would have started practicing it a long time ago. Thanks for commenting and participating in the conversation. You are appreciated.


Scott Couchenour said...

Greg, nice post. There is no one better to look to for the example of servant leadership than Jesus Christ. You have described it nicely here.

Whenever I look at Christ, 2 things happen. First, I see how in adequate I am when I compare his servant leadership to mine. Second, I see how capable I am to be a servant leader when I stay under His control.

M.W. Schraer said...

A great leader first masters being a great follower, learning by the examples of those who lead before him. There is no better example of sacrificial, servant leadership than Jesus. Becoming like Christ as a leader, takes commitment as a follower. Thank you for this post, and the reminder to me personally of the Example best honored.

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