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Glory Hound:A person seeking accolades at the expense of everyone else, particularly peers~ Urban Dictionary
Ray is such a glory hound. He did nothing on that project, but he presented it to management as if he had done all the work.

We've all seen the individual who was and is responsible for every great thing or work that has happened in his work center or department. He just happens to always drop a few of his minor "successes" at meetings or in front of the boss. They love to talk about themselves and what great things they've done. Despite their team, they single handily made it happen. Really? 

If your a Glory hound, get over yourself and let some of that praise go to the people who are busting their butts getting the real work done. The people who are missing out on their kids play or ball game. The people who are working on weekends to make the deadline.

Self promotion as a leader at the expense of others is hypocrisy at best, narcissistic at worst. Stop believing your own hype and look at what your doing to your "Followers", you know, the people you are leading.

  • Destroy their will: Yes, you are destroying their will to work and sacrifice for you. They stand by and watch as you snatch the golden ring from their hand each time you take credit for their hard work.
  • Destroy their self-worth: You let them feel as if their work is not as valuable as your next promotion. You overshadow everything they do, by waiting for the completed task to be mentioned and then taking credit for the final product.
  • Allow them all the negative praise: Yep, that project was a flop, you have no problem letting that one slide down the line. 
  • Destroy their loyalty: Not only do you lose their loyalty, but the company loses their loyalty as well. Additionally, they certainly will not be recommending or actively recruiting anyone to come work for you.
  • Create a "Stab you in the back" culture: When a glory hound is present, everyone else starts to look out for number one, make sure you get in your good word before they do. Everyone is worried about getting theirs, so no one wins
  • Destroy Unity/Team: There is no team, or team effort: You are the sole cause of success. Without you, the whole department or work center would have failed miserably. 
  • Destroy motivation and effort: No one who works for you is motivated to do anymore then what is required of them. No one wants to go the extra mile or make the extra effort to meet the deadline. Due to the fact that they know you'll just swoop in to get the credit. 
All of this sounds harsh, it is. A self-serving leader is the worst kind of leader. They use their people up like a natural resource to get their next promotion. No one enjoys working for this person, everyone is just hoping that you fall flat on your face at some point, or that upper management will finally catch on to your behavior and escort you to the door. 

My advice, if you want to be noticed. Lead your team and celebrate their successes. Believe me, your boss will notice that your team or project is successful and will be two and two together. You don't have to sacrifice your people, or their hard work, to get promoted. 

Any thoughts or comments? Please share, it is appreciated. Thanks.

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