Thursday, December 16, 2010


I would like to follow up on my last post. I believe that a lot of leaders miss out on this opportune moment to help in the recovery process when a failure or missed deadline has occurred. As I have heard many people make the statement, " It's not how you fail, It's about how you get back up" No one likes to fail, let the team down or cause your company to miss that important contract.

When this moment arrives we absorb it, we take the member or team aside and get the "Why, where, what and How" from their point of view. We then take external input if available and put it all together. After we have analyzed it all we come back and do training and start building them back up. It's easy to just flame throw everyone and everything when things go bad. It shows our people a lot to be accountable and to hold them accountable. It's even better to then build them back up with facts and improved practices.

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