Friday, December 17, 2010


They say pride comes before the fall. I think that we as Leaders would do well to follow that warning. We often tend to find ourselves getting "Better than others" after a series of successes either by ourselves or by our team. How can we keep Pride from creeping in and destroying all that we have worked so hard to achieve?

  • Praise Others: When there's cause for praise, direct it at the team, individual or the support staff who really put the effort in or came up with the winning play. Also, don't forget to direct praise at your Spouse, Children,Parents or Friends. Most of us do not get where we are in life without the support of others.
  • "We" instead of "I": Whenever talking of recent successes use the term, "We" instead of "I" Acknowledging a team effort and atmosphere will also keep you grounded and make those working with you a lot more appreciative of your leadership when they receive recognition as well. 
  • Feedback: Keep a open door policy whenever possible. Your team will enjoy the fact that they can come to you with issues or problems and not feel like they will be looked down upon or disciplined for it. Also, keep your friends close and seek their counsel and feedback as well. They will help you keep grounded.
These are just a few things that I feel will keep us all from floating to high. What other things have you done or can suggest to keep us grounded? Please leave a comment.


djmommie said...

Never be "too good" or "too proud" to except help with any tasks. just because you're in charge doesn't mean you know it all.

djmommie said...

Admit mistakes and then learn from them. Leadership is a learning process you will never know everything about any subject. sometimes the people you lead will have better ideas or solutions, listen to them.

Greg Farley said...

Thanks djmommie, Both great points. We as Leaders are best served when we open the lines of communication and empower our people and their creative thought processes.

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