Friday, January 14, 2011

Leaders, what's your purpose?

In yesterdays post I discussed ways to ensure your people have purpose at work. What about their leaders? Does it matter if a leader has a purpose? Let's take a closer look at these questions.
"More men fail though lack of purpose then lack of talent." ~ William Ashley
I think it's extremely important, as a leader (or anyone for that matter), to have a sense of one's purpose, not only at work but in life. If your unsure of your purpose, it will reflect in your leadership abilities and anything you do. Let's look at ways that, not having a purpose, can effect your leadership.

  • Indecisive: You are confronted with decisions and you lock-up because you don't know where your going or your purpose. When you have a purpose, you already know what decisions play into where you want to go.
  • Lack of enthusiasm: I think the energy you give off as a leader is definitely picked up by your people. If your dragging yourself into work everyday, because you feel that you have no purpose, then your not going to be real excited about much that is going on. A positive attitude and enthusiasm is contagious and will spread throughout your team. On the other hand, if your down and out, that will spread as well.
  • Lack of Vision: Your unsure of where your going, unless someone, i.e., your boss, tells you. You will have no clear vision of where your leading your people to. This will then manifest itself in how you communicate your vision to your people.   
  • Self-doubt: When you are lacking purpose, you will start to doubt yourself and your abilities. You will start to listen to any negativity likes it's the gospel. This will also manifest itself in how you carry yourself and how you deal with others. Your confidence will be lacking and it will show in all that you do. 
  • Shallow victories: When you have no purpose, you will work hard to achieve a perceived goal or purpose, only to find that it is fool's gold. The cycle will then start all over again. Leaving you running from this purpose to that purpose, always coming up empty handed. 
"There is no road to success but through a clear strong purpose. Nothing can take its place. A purpose underlies character, culture, position, attainment of every part" ~ Thornton T. Munger
I've mentioned just a few things that come to my mind when someone is lacking purpose.

Your turn to share, answer the following question:

  What are some of the other ways, that a lack of purpose, can affect someone's ability to lead?

Please post your answer in the comments section, Thank you.


Anonymous said...


Great post. I think you're right on. Now the question naturally arises: "Where do I find my purpose?" I think the answer to that question is deeply spiritual. It has to do with connecting with the one who designed us.

Voices of Leadership said...


(I feel like I'm writing to myself) Thank you for your comment. As you stated, purpose in life and at work is deeply spiritual. I will not broadcast what I think is the right answer. I will however, talk about some options I feel that one can take in finding purpose. Hint: In a post next week. Thanks Greg for your time and comment, both are much appreciated.


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