Sunday, December 26, 2010

A bull worth taming

I just read this article that states that companies are not utilizing social media to garner customer feedback. An astounding 94% of companies to be exact.

This is crazy, why would you not utilize a medium that most of your customers are already using? If your customers are using Twitter or Facebook, they are there and are comfortable with those mediums. The wealth of data that could be mined in reference to your customer satisfaction would far out weigh any cost.

With the speed of business approaching the speed of light, you have to get that information fast and start to utilizes it immediately. Can you imagine the firestorm your customers and products could create in a matter of minutes on Facebook and Twitter? Social media is a bull that Leadership needs to grab and harness, the longer it goes rampaging out of control the more likely your business will not keep ahead of the social media curve and the benefits of improving your bottom line.

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